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Product Description

The Ixil L3X Dual Hyperlow is the latest in radical design and European styling. The L3X comes complete with 2 removable DB killers allowing you to tune your sound to your preference. The sleek design offers a unique look and sound unduplicated in the sportbike industry. Now available in brushed finish AISI304 Stainless Steel and the new black finish (Early 2015). The L3X is available in full systems for select models.




  • Each L3X includes 2 removable DB Killer
  • Dual outlet race design
  • Finished with a High Temp Black Coating.
  • Trick injection molded aluminum end caps
  • Available with E-marked cert
  • Average weight of just 3lbs (for slip on systems)
  • Includes everything needed to install

  • Tech Data:

  • Shape Dual round 50mm.
  • Average Length 16.9 Inches
  • Average Weight 5 Lbs.
  • Material High Temp Black Coating
  • Removable DB Killer's Included

Product Videos

Honda NC 700 X Ixil hyperlow (00:34)
Pot (exhaust) ixil hyperlow sur une honda nc 700 X. Chicannes présentent. With Db killer.
  • Honda NC 700 X...
    Pot (exhaust) ixil hyperlow sur une honda nc 700 X. Chicannes ...
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Product Reviews

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  1. IXIL make my Bike COOl !,,,, 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2016

    My NC700x with New Exhaust : Good looking, nice sound, fits perfect and quality Super. Happy Biker

  2. AWESOME!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Aug 2015

    I have a 2013 NC700X and I have been looking for just the right exhaust. I lucked into finding Ixil and the great products that they have. I wanted to also thank Chris for his help and great information. The exhaust is great!! It fit better than the stock exhaust and really made my motorcycle come alive. I ran it today without the silencers, it seems like like a whole different bike now. Both sounds are great, so depending on my riding, I can change the sounds of my bike as well. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a great product, great customer service and very fast shipping - contact Ixil USA. Thanks again!!!

  3. Amazing product, AMAZING service! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2015

    First off, let me say that IXIL has provided the most amazing customer service. I will DEF be ordering products from them in the future.

    Now for the product review. If you own an nc700x, you know that the stock exhaust can best be described as "sewing machine". When looking for slip-ons for this, options are by no means limited, but price seems to skyrocket with other brands, while quality suffers with the cheaper "value" brands. This exhaust has an extremely high quality fit and finish. honestly, ive seen both Yoshimura and 2 brothers in person, and this exhaust simply outshines both.

    Sound wise, i initialy thought it was going to be quite loud, even with the baffles in. After install, which took maybe 7 minutes, i was shocked by how subtle the exhaust was with the baffles installed. it was louder, but on idle it was barely noticeable. it had a lovely low growl and sounded great. Being the person I am, i was curious as to how it sounded with the baffles out. Oh my. Not loud, but man does it purr. Beautiful tone, zero rasp, all bass tones of the glorious twin. Its not overbearing at all. my previous bike was a 2013 cbr250r single, and the exhaust with the baffle out is not even as loud as my old conservative slip on with the baffle installed on the cbr.

    Overall, I highly recommend this exhaust to anyone looking for a quality product and a quality slip on for their nc700. Great service and a fantastic product makes a great experience for any buyer.

  4. Gave the little Honda some Character! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Feb 2015

    installed on Honda NC700X Black/Black. The pipe delivered exactly what I was looking for. The shape of the pipe really streamlined the overall shape of the bike and matches the natural style of the bike perfectly. The silencer looks like it is supposed to be there- it doesn't look like it was an afterthought.

    The finish of the pipe leaves a little to be desired. Straight out of the box it had a few scratches and some odd wear marks. The silencer looked like it had been sliding around a metal bin or a conveyor belt. That is the only reason it lost a star.

    and the sound... THE SOUND!! Its awesome! it sounds like an old triumph! This bike was mostly silent before the IXIL was installed. Most of the noise from the bike came from the drive-train rather than the exhaust. But now-- The bike announces it presence in a low rumble at just the right volume. Not too loud that it's rude to your surrounding motorists, but the tone of the exhaust has enough punch to let your friends know that you have arrived.

    The installation: A ten year old can do this...
    step one, remove hangar bolt (30 seconds)
    step two, loosen the other bolt (15 seconds)
    step three, pull off the old silencer (2 min)
    step four, slid the IXIL into place. (30 seconds)
    step five, install bolt from step one. (30 seconds)
    step six, tighten bolt from step two. (15 seconds)
    start the bike - ride away and go find some new roads.

    definitive statement: the pipe looks right, sounds right, and provides a much needed element of fun to the Honda NC700!

  5. Excellent Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jan 2015

    Super easy installation. Two bolts and done. Very nice tone. Not too loud, even without the silencers, with a deeper sound and slightly more rumble. This is exactly what I wanted.

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Lightning Fast Shipping. Top Notch Customer Service, the quality of my new L3XB is spot on, beautiful welds, slick black finish and love the matte silver end caps. I would recommend Ixil USA to all my friends. Simply satisfied is all I can say. Thanks Ixil USA.